M.A. Candidate – Class of 2019

Raised in Vienna with a French education, I was quick to move to Germany for a research oriented degree in interdisciplinary economics. The practical and theoretical experiences that followed allowed me to engage with the complexity of the conflicting realities that shape a globally intertwined world. Whether as a journalism intern in Beirut, as a blue collar worker in Southern Germany, or at the German Corporation for International Relations in Morocco – I seek to responsibly contribute to our world’s humanistic development. As such, it has become my academic, professional, and also personal aim to build bridges: between scientific disciplines, at the crossroads of theory and practice, and in between spaces of the divergent social discourses of our time. At Columbia University, I aim to develop a toolbox that enables both the practical and theoretical promotion of global integrity and to collectively sharpen arguments for an inclusive world.

Research Interests

Building an understanding of the market as a human institution has been at the core of my interdisciplinary training. As such, I conducted research projects on hope as a social phenomenon and empirically investigated social norms in contemporary Iran. Dedicating my thesis to a reconceptualization of market efficiency in a non-ergodic world eventually sealed my interest in how collective patterns of interpretation and action inherently grow within and further shape global dynamics. Whilst pursuing the MA in Global Thought, I seek to conduct an interdisciplinary inquiry of how both theoretical and practical knowledge grow collectively within globally intertwined economic, political, and cultural spheres.