M.A. Candidate – Class of 2019

I was born in Harare and spent the second half of my life between Zimbabwe and England as I furthered my education. This experience sparked an interest in narratives. I was particularly struck by what both nations chose to exclude from their narratives, and how differently they retold and explained the same events. This interest further developed during my undergraduate studies, when I was able to explore the complex ways in which narratives are constructed and the profound impact they can have on our global realities. After finishing my undergraduate, I went on to serve as the International Secretary General of Africa Youth for Peace and Development. My time working in development has exposed me to many of the creative ways in which our global issues are being approached, as well as many of the flaws in some of our greatest collective development efforts.

My goal is to establish a non-profit organization that engages young people as global citizens in order to localize international development efforts.

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the way governments are influenced by international narratives about their nations. I am keen to explore the way they use these narratives to achieve their aims, and how these narratives impact their actions on international platforms. Due to my interest in alternative global power structures, this research would most likely focus on the BRICS nations.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Politics and East European Studies, University College London (2017)