M.A. Candidate – Class of 2019

Home has always had an abstract meaning for me, as I was raised in three different countries and spent my childhood travelling. Despite that, I have maintained a deep connection with Armenia, instilled in me by my grandfather, Perch Zeytuntsyan, former Armenian Minister of Culture and author of many books on individualism and the consequences of excessive authority. During my school and university years, I developed a better understanding of how businesses operate by interning in an investment bank, Troika Dialogue, and two consulting companies, Sberbank capital and BDO. I also worked for the Armenian Ministry of Economics, promoting the idea of self-sufficiency in rural communities. This opened my eyes to the hardships of rural existence, and taught me to make the best of every opportunity in life.

My long-term career aspiration is to establish and develop my own NGO in Armenia, which would focus on lobbying the Armenian government to take initiatives to create a more business-friendly environment. The founding principle of the NGO would be that a suitable environment for starting businesses is a factor of the utmost importance for achieving sustainable long-term economic growth.

Research Interests

My area of interest concerns the link between entrepreneurship and innovation as the main factors behind sustained long-term economic growth. My interest in economics was developed at King’s College London. There, I was introduced to the Solow Swan model, which draws a sharp line between short-term and long-term economic growth. In the context of the M.A. in Global Thought, I aim to develop my understanding of economic-policies that influence the development of entrepreneurship. This enhanced understanding of economic policy-making will help me encourage the Armenian government to establish a more business-friendly environment.