M.A. Candidate – Class of 2019

I was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and remained in state for most of my childhood. I attended Furman University in Greenville, SC where I majored in Asian Studies. Upon graduation, I was commissioned into the Army and began my career as a military intelligence officer. After ten years in intelligence, I transitioned into the Foreign Area Officer corps where I now focus on Chinese relations. Throughout my thirteen years in the military, I have lived outside of the continental United States for all but three years, and have traveled to more than thirty countries spanning five continents. I aspire to continue learning about our global community from the perspective of international relations and the mindsets that drive them.

Research Interests

My primary area of research concerns global relations with respect to an increasingly influential China. As we focus on the aftermath of globalization, we can begin to see global trends surrounding national identity and mindsets that shape international relations. These relationships are changing the nature of global politics and shifting the balance of power in unanticipated ways. China is currently at the center of many of these shifts. I plan to use an understanding of China’s activities and the goals driving their actions to expound on global shifts and trends on the horizon.