M.A. Candidate – Class of 2020

I grew up in India, where I had the privilege of gaining access to quality education. India is a very diverse country where a plethora of different cultures coexist together. Though there are a variety of different socio-cultural, environmental, economic and political problems, I learnt to appreciate and understand multiculturalism, diversity, and change, from a young age. I realised over the years, that in order to truly understand issues that impact humanity, we must combine our study of various disciplines.

I have always been interested in topics of discussion that involve questioning and deconstructing knowledge at the nexus of environmental studies, cultural studies, politics, and economics. My passion for these areas of research, led me to pursue an undergraduate degree at King’s College London in Geography. Studying Geography helped me analyse arguments in the social sciences using a multitude of different critical techniques. Moreover, I got the opportunity to research climate change and its impacts on several topics within the social sciences and humanities. This entire experience laid the foundation for my interests after graduation.

After my time at King’s, I decided to work in the field of policy. I started working as a research intern at the Observer Research Foundation where I helped analyse debates and policy in the space of energy transitions in India, capacity building for climate change, and environmental justice. This experience has molded my aspirations.

Moving forward, I aim to study globalisation and its effects on the environment. I also hope to work at the intersection of policy and technological changes in improving our approach to combating anthropogenic climate change.

Research Interests

Throughout my undergraduate degree, I was most interested in environmental risk perception among the general public in the Global North. During my M.A. at Columbia, I hope to research the perceptions of environmental justice among the youth in my country. I also hope to focus my research on the broader socio-cultural dimensions of climate change adaptation in developing countries in general.


  • Kings College London, B.S. Geography, 2018