M.A. Candidate – Class of 2020

I am a recent graduate of Social Sciences and Humanities from Ambedkar University, Delhi. I have built my academic foundation in the disciplines of political science, history, and psychology supplemented with developmental economics, environmental studies and postcolonial studies. Having moved to the Indian capital from the small town of Patna, I grew up watching my parents work in the social developmental sector, giving back to my hometown, and working on projects all across India. This fervour for service was instilled in me at home and emboldened at university. I am passionate about different cultures and nations and am always curious to find similar patterns and connections. Furthermore, I have fluency in multiple languages. Science and philosophy have shaped my life majorly and helped me appreciate our shared humanity.

Keen to participate more actively in politics, I envision a political show aimed at dispersing knowledge and reaching out to the increasingly young population. This is a project I look forward to pursuing, having previous experience in front of the camera.

In addition to academics, I have recently worked at a think tank, a news agency, and a publishing house, experience which exposed me to multiple ideas and events. During my time at the think tank, I worked on an academic paper on the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and continually update and follow the trends of the organisation and its members.

Research Interests

My academic interests lie in global migration, environment, and poverty. Being from a developing nation has also given me exposure to the rising politics of the new global powers. In my research, I look forward to exploring the possibility of a more egalitarian world in terms of wealth, population density, and diversity. Additionally, one that can maintain a more sustainable civilization.


  • Ambedkar University, B.A. Social Sciences and Humanities, 2019