M.A. Candidate – Class of 2020

As an individual who was born in Turkey, grew up in Thailand and Germany, and previously studied in Canada, forging genuine relationships with people from different backgrounds is important to me. My desire to better understand people, the contexts within which we interact, and how we influence and are influenced by what happens in the world, has not only shaped who I am but has also informed my academic and professional path.

At McGill University, I explored the theoretical foundations of human behavior through my studies in Psychology, Economics, and Marketing. Through the integration of my studies and role as a research assistant specializing on projects related to decision-making, I was able to question how we can further broaden the scope of issues we tackle as a global society beyond the realm of academia.

The first steps I took outside of my academic training were motivated by current issues arising from the public sector in international policy-making. I was selected to attend the Session of the Commission for Social Development at the United Nations. As a youth delegate, I had the opportunity to ask questions about the Sustainable Development Goals pertaining to topics such as responsible consumption and production, directly to UN ambassadors and officials. Additionally, I completed cross-cultural internships in the private sector at BASF, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Coca-Cola in marketing, strategy consulting and sales, respectively. It was through these experiences that I discovered my passion for leveraging public-private partnerships towards the implementation of sustainable and equitable development solutions around the world.

During the Global Thought program, I aim to focus my research on how cognitive, emotional, cultural and social insights from behavioral science can be used to design effective policies, initiatives and interventions to encourage better decision-making and more sustainable patterns of consumption and production among people and organizations.


  • McGill University, B.A. Psychology, 2019