M.A. Candidate – Class of 2020

I was born in Bogota, Colombia but by the age of 15, I had lived in six different countries, allowing me to master the concept of adaptability, open-mindedness, and resilience from a young age. My upbringing made me a proud global citizen – I honor my Colombian roots while embracing my adopted homelands. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Public Relations from Boston University where I learned to use the power of storytelling to focus on issues of political and social importance. After graduation, I worked at a Social Media Manager for a marketing agency in Miami, which exposed me to the power of social media networks in relation to personal connectivity and community engagement.

The M.A. in Global Thought will allow me to expand my identity as a global citizen and give me the tools necessary to think critically about global issues and engage in the implementation of global solutions. I look forward to exploring the complex intersectionality of today’s problems and immersing myself in a multicultural environment.

Research Interests

During my Master’s, I am interested in exploring the factors contributing to the modern rise of nationalism and its impact on immigration policy. I aim to dissect the political, social, and economic attitudes towards immigration, and explore the extent to which these attitudes dictate the international response to today’s debate on immigration.


  • Boston University, B.S. Journalism and Communication, 2018