M.A. Candidate – Class of 2020

In a world where the paradigm of economic efficiency is predominant and the division of labor is consequentially progressing, I am convinced that interdisciplinarity – especially in the social sciences – is critical in order to assure that future technological and institutional developments entail actual progress for humankind. My undergraduate studies therefore followed a rather uncommon path and I eventually completed two bachelor’s degrees in Sustainable Management and in Economics at Technical University, Berlin. During a study abroad at Davidson College, I additionally gained foundational insights in the fields of political science, political philosophy, and international relations.

Research Interests

Building on my broad academic and professional foundation, I want to use my time in New York most effectively to enhance my understanding of the underlying causes and drivers of the increasingly surfacing politico-economic flaws in our global system in order to conceive potential ways of transformation and reform. Therefore, my class work will focus on political theory, philosophy of history, and international relations and I additionally want to deepen my understanding of the concepts of evolutionary theory and social psychology. By the end of the year, I am planning to apply my rather abstract course of study to a more concrete problem by developing a thesis on the potential dilemma between global technologies and the concept of nation-states. In any case, I am sure that gaining a more profound introduction into various perspectives of the social sciences through the M.A. in Global Thought will enable me to choose a specific subsequent Ph.D. track and continue my studies on the transformation of our global system.


  • Technische Universitaet Berlin, B.S. Sustainable Management, 2019