M.A. Graduate – Class of 2020

Growing up in a diverse country like India, I was surrounded by history and culture, but also noticed the many paradoxical ways in which the country functioned. This fascination led me to pursue my undergraduate degree in economics. Having studied economics concepts in theory, I wanted to apply it in the real world. I joined the Gandhi Fellowship, a two-year intensive residential program, where I was placed in a rural district in Rajasthan to work closely with village communities and government schools. Though this was definitely out of my comfort zone, it also gave me insights into the perspectives of the people in the village communities, what motivates them, how villages are individual self-sustaining units, and a glimpse of the presence of cultural diversity in the development of these regions. Afterwards, I worked with the Ministry of Rural development and a local NGO in order to explore different actors in the development sector.

Through my degree in Global Thought, I hope to understand what I have experienced at the ground level, at an amplified macro level. In my research, I look forward to exploring the relationships between various stakeholders in the development sector such as the government, international organizations, local NGOs, and community members. How do all these players interact with each other, and what trends and outcomes result from these interactions?