M.A. Candidate – Class of 2020

I was born and raised in New York City, but spent my vacations with my extended family in Hawaii. I graduated Villanova University with my B.A. in English and Humanities. I focused on post-colonial trauma within colonized literature for my English major, and the reconciliation of philosophical beauty and wonder in modern consumer capitalism for my Humanities major. Upon graduation, I worked for Sofar Sounds, a concert organization that works to refocus the intimacy of listening to music, where I was in charge of social media. Key areas that have always been important to me throughout my education and career are the arts, and the interconnectedness of people. I realized that since graduating Villanova, I always had a longing to return to the classroom. So after a year, I quit my job and decided to travel, while returning to the literature and theories that made me fall in love with what I studied in the Humanities. This change in direction helped me find my place in Columbia’s M.A. in Global Thought.

Research Interests

The M.A. in Global Thought will give me the opportunity to return to the interdisciplinary course of academia that I am so passionate about, while also tackling specific global questions and issues. I hope to continue my study of how human beings are connected to each other sociologically and politically, while also studying their relationship to art and architecture. Broadly, I want to research how social, political, cultural, and architectural components affect, or are affected by, major international tragedy.


  • Villanova University, B.A. English and Humanities, 2017