M.A. Candidate – Class of 2020

I was born and raised in London to Somali parents. Growing up in a multicultural society I have always been exposed to the fusion of different cultures. My desire to understand the coming together of communities through migration and the formation of new identities drew me to study International History at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). My undergraduate dissertation allowed me to explore my own identity by researching the origins of Somali nationalism. After graduating, I continued my focus on Somaliland, working as a research assistant studying the role urban diaspora play in post-conflict reconstruction. I also worked with Between Borders magazine to write a few pieces on being a modern Muslim woman.

The M.A. in Global Thought will offer me the chance to examine contemporary global phenomena through numerous lenses. The emphasis on thought will allow me to open new methods of thinking by using my transnational identity to react to the ever-changing conditions of our interconnected world. At Columbia, I plan to utilize the interdisciplinary nature of the program to broaden my understanding of how significant geography, religion, media, and agency are in determining an individual’s economic and political development. My previous studies, volunteer work, and internships have inspired me to investigate how international politics and events impact individuals from specific states on the political and social level. More specifically my interests lie in the way pro-war propaganda can influence the narrative and perceptions of Muslim women. I am keen to explore the way they dismantle these perceptions through new globalised forms of media.

I am super excited to be starting my academic journey at Columbia and cannot wait to explore New York City.


  • London School of Economics, B.A. History, 2018