M.A. Candidate – Class of 2020

I was born in Yangon and later moved to Singapore, where I completed most of my basic education. I spend the past three years in the U.K., reading for my undergraduate degree in Economics and Management at the University of Oxford. Having had the opportunity to live and work in different cities and countries, I enjoy meeting friends from diverse backgrounds and learning more about their unique experiences and perspectives. I also believe in the power of languages to facilitate the connection and engagement with people from local communities and love learning new languages. I am eager to explore New York and the U.S. over the next year and enjoy what this city has to offer. After this degree, I will be returning to Singapore to work in the Singapore Civil Service.

Research Interests

My preliminary research interest lies in exploring how international organizations and global powers could influence development policy and sustainable growth in Southeast Asia. Having grown up in Southeast Asia, the issues facing the region are near and dear to my heart. Recent developments such as China’s Belt and Road Initiative also make this area particularly dynamic and appealing to explore. With the M.A. in Global Thought program enabling an interdisciplinary focus, I also hope to gain new perspectives on gender and race issues over this academic year.


  • University of Oxford, B.A. Economics and Management, 2019