Sample Plans of Study

M.A. in Global Thought students come from all over the world to pursue their wide ranging interests with the help of Columbia’s rich resources. These sample program plans illustrate the M.A. in Global Thought degree program format and provide examples of some different types of individualized degree programs.

The Sustainable Entrepreneur

A student interested in a career in social entrepreneurship, contributing to or establishing companies that enrich opportunity in developing communities. This student wants to strengthen an undergraduate business degree with a minor in Latin American Studies through their pursuit of the M.A. in Global Thought.

Sample Program MA Student 1








The Activist

Focused on problem solving and the difficult trans-border social issues of the modern world, this student is primarily involved with migrant issues. She built a campus organization on migrant welfare as an undergraduate, which led to two successful internships, and plans to enter a career in the non-profit or NGO sector.

Sample Program MA Student 2








The Academic

This student plans to pursue PhD study, but wants to bring contemporary globalism to their applications in Social Theory and History. The student hasn’t decided exactly what sub-field to pursue in later studies, but is looking to explore options and approaches.

Sample Program MA Student 3