Trey Greenough | General Studies | Class of 2022

Volunteer Services Program Intern at The Fortune Society

My name is Trey Greenough. I am a senior at Columbia University’s School of General Studies where I major in 20th century United States history. My academic interests are many, but the majority of my research focuses on civil rights and the African American experience. Prior to coming to Columbia, I was a medic in the United States Air Force, which took me all over the country. Also, I spent some time working as a nurse at a school for disabled children K-12. My hope is to become a civil-rights attorney, so I plan to attend law school after completing my undergraduate studies

Maylla Jewell Patrick | Columbia College | Class of 2023

Community Engagement Intern at For The Many

I’m Maylla, a junior at Columbia College studying Human Rights. I came to Columbia as a pre-med hopeful, wanting to help individuals as much as possible, and aiming to do that through medical research. While my field of study has changed, as well as my career aspirations, my core goal of helping individuals did not. Now, I hope to channel my skills and experience in organizing, education, outreach, and advocacy to achieve this.

As a first-generation, low-income student from a rural area in South Georgia, I come from an area that isn’t a priority for many national organizations. My poor, agriculture-based hometown, full of people trying to give their families and selves the best lives possible with little aid, has majorly contextualized how I approach my work in politics and human rights. Bringing resources and opportunities to the people (not to large organizations, corporations, or entities) and working against inequity are my methods. Improving the lives of individuals as much as I possibly can is the goal.

Jenniffer Koita | Barnard College | Class of 2024

Hotline and Administrative Volunteer (French) at the African Services Committee         

Jenniffer Koita is a Sophomore at Barnard College. She is an immigrant from Guinea and started college as an International Politics and Africana Studies double major. After having realized there are ways to enact meaningful change as a decolonialist outside of politics, her academic and career interests changed. She continues to pursue Africana Studies but has found an interest in the Neuroscience and Behavior major. Jenniffer wants to do research investigating the neuroscience of racism and race-based trauma as well as the impact of social media on young women’s personal and sexual development. In addition to becoming a researcher, Jenniffer plans to receive her certification as a birthing doula before completing undergrad.