You(th) be the Change

A Special Workshop for Undergraduates in Conjunction with the

“Youth in a Changing World” Research Project of the Committee on Global Thought

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 • 6-8PM

Columbia University, Kent Hall, Room 403

What issues in the world today are of the greatest concern to youth?  Can youth “be the change”?

This workshop, hosted by the “Youth in a Changing World” research project of the Committee on Global Thought and co-sponsored by new student group Student Association for Global Engagement (SAGE), aimed to address these questions with the Columbia student community.

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Please note advance registration is required to attend this event.


This event will take place on the Columbia Morningside campus in Kent Hall, Room 403 (also referred to as the EALAC lounge).

About "Youth in a Changing World"

Developed by the Committee on Global Thought in cooperation with Columbia Global Centers, the "Youth in a Changing World" collaborative research project seeks to identify how young people around the world are both affecting and being affected by the rapidly changing world.

The research centers on four main themes related to global youth: 1) identity, aspirations, and the changing nature of work; 2) digital technologies, communication, and civic engagement; 3) security and well-being; and 4) youth as agents of change.

The objective of the project is to identify the commonalities and differences among youth across the globe and to produce concrete proposals for both global and local approaches to meet ongoing challenges.


Student Association of Global Engagement is a new club on campus. We are a student-driven club that provides members of Columbia University with a platform to discuss and debate global issues. We achieve this through intimate seminar-style discussions, faculty and student debate panels and activities beyond campus relating to pressing global issues. We strive to create a group where conversations are led by students but also facilitated by leading faculty members who are specializing in dealing global matters.