• Fred Cooper, Professor of History, New York University
  • David Engerman, Professor of History, Brandeis University
  • Julian Go, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Boston University
  • Odd Arne Westad, Professor of International History, London School of Economics
  • Moderator: Mark Mazower, Ira D. Wallach Professor of History, Columbia University, Director, Heyman Center for the Humanities, and Director, Center for International History

This focused conversation will center on a field of scholarly inquiry that has only recently come to command attention: the relationship between economic development and empire. In the simple version of the development story, global development only began following the independence of most former colonies, however, we are now realizing the importance of the continuities and discontinuities between colonial management and postwar development.

The discussion will be convened by Professor of History and CGT Member, Mark Mazower, and will feature papers by specialists David Engerman, a historian writing a book on development in India; and Julian Go, a sociologist whose work has centered on the US’ role in the Philippines and Puerto Rico. Experts Odd Arne Westad and Fred Cooper will offer commentary.