Money and Empire: Charles P. Kindleberger and the Dollar System

Perry Mehrling

Moderated by Katharina Pistor

Monday, February 21 | 12:00 to 1:00 PM ET

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Join Professor Perry Mehrling as he discusses the history of international finance, hung on the life and times of Charles P. Kindleberger. As a story of a life, the seminar will interest those who wonder if bitcoin (or the renminbi) will replace the dollar. As a story of the dollar, the seminar will reveal the underlying economic forces and political obstacles that continue to shape our globalized world.


Perry Mehrling

Perry Mehrling is the author of three previous books:  The Money Interest and the Public
Interest (Harvard 1997), Fischer Black and the Revolutionary Idea of Finance (Wiley 2005), and The
New Lombard Street, How the Fed became the Dealer of Last Resort (Princeton 2011).  His flagship
course “Economics of Money and Banking”, taught originally to undergraduates at Barnard and
Columbia Colleges in New York has been a top-rated MOOC on Coursera since 2013.