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Can we make a difference in thinking and acting in the world today?

Rethinking the World

The CGT presents Rethinking the World, a programmatic series exploring the challenges and opportunities inherent in our unique global moment of compounding crises as well as unforeseen opportunities for creative solutions. Cross-disciplinary discussions with experts, activists, and students from around the world will focus on scholarly analysis and lived experience concerning global issues including public health and the coronavirus, global economy, education, racial/social justice, climate, migration, and more.

Global Think-in

Global Think-insThink-in are vehicles for generating new ideas and perspectives on issues of global concern. The Think-ins are designed as forums for academics and practitioners from diverse disciplinary and methodological backgrounds, geographical locations, and expertise to share, critique, and develop new ideas.

Global Thought Lecture

The Global Thought Lecture is an annual public event led by a leading global figure to contribute to the urgent issues which face the world today. The Lecture’s past participants include Kevin Rudd, Pascal Lamy, and Homi K. Bhabha.

Lunchtime Seminars

The CGT Lunchtime Seminars are a forum for Columbia University faculty and visiting scholars to discuss current research characterizing and assessing issues of global importance.

Book Talks

Book Talks are discussions by noted authors, scholars, and journalists who have highlighted the importance of global issues around the world. Our roster of CGT Book Talk participants include Joseph E. Stiglitz, Kenneth Arrow, Marco Magnani, Atossa Araxia Abrahamian, and Sasha Issenberg.

Co-Sponsored Programs

Each year, the CGT co-sponsors public and private programs relevant to global thought. In 2020-2021 the CGT joined in hosting numerous online programs from across the world. Learn more about co-sponsored programs.

Event Video Archive

1456456243_youtube-square-social-media1456456183_vimeo-square-social-mediaThe Event Video Archive is a collection of event recordings and other media to help illustrate the signature research being conducted at the Committee on Global Thought (online video channels at Vimeo and YouTube; video archive at