Feb. 29th MA in Global Thought Information Session

  Join the Committee on Global Thought for a conversation on how an MA in Global Thought contributes to one’s academic and professional career. The Master of Arts in Global Thought takes an interdisciplinary approach to exploring critical global issues. This academic program challenges students to engage with new concepts and generate innovative questions as […]

SMOKESCREENS: A Lunchtime Seminar with Joseph Slaughter

Join the Committee on Global Thought on February 29th for SMOKESCREENS: A Lunchtime Seminar with Joseph Slaughter.  This seminar will discuss Slaughter’s analysis of the intertwined histories of the rise of neoliberalism and our contemporary human rights language through  Julio Cortázar’s Fantomas versus the Multinational Vampires (1975). The superhero comic about a corporate plot to […]

Globalization After the US Election

Global business leaders explore the possible outcomes of the 2024 US presidential election through the lens of business and economics. The 2024 US presidential election will be pivotal on many fronts. The 2024 Chazen Global Business Forum, “Globalization After the US Election,” will examine the potential outcomes of the race specifically through the lens of the […]