Rethinking the World

The CGT presents Rethinking the World, a programmatic series exploring the challenges and opportunities inherent in our unique global moment of compounding crises as well as unforeseen opportunities for creative solutions. Cross-disciplinary discussions with experts, activists, and students from around the world will focus on scholarly analysis and lived experience concerning global issues including public health and the coronavirus, global economy, education, racial/social justice, climate, migration, and more. Register today to receive updates on virtual events beginning in September!

Upcoming Events

Contested Legacies: Public Monuments in Global Perspective – Politics of Visual Arts in a Changing World

Thursday, October 8, 10:00 a.m. EDT

A discussion with scholars and activists on the various issues surrounding the removal of public monuments across the globe in the wake of social justice uprisings in the United States.

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‘Insecure Zones: Movement without Mobility I’ – Reflections from Africa and the Indian Ocean – Unsettlement

Tuesday, October 14th

Examining the ways in which colonial labor migrancy and post-independence border securitization have been transformed to generate communities of people who inhabit the interstices of states, neither formal nor informal, neither fully recognized nor absolutely excluded. Recent efforts to read such movements as part of longer historical patterns often neglect the force of bordering that has come to interrupt and thwart them, while also ignoring the degree to which these communities of unrecognized and unsettled people have been converted into new sources of capital accumulation by both predatory local forces and international aid organizations.

‘Re-regionalization and the Transformation of Cosmopolitics’ – Reflections from the Mediterranean and Europe – Unsettlement

Wednesday, November 18th

Examining the ways in which the partition of regions takes place differentially, with the itineraries of migrant laborers and refugees mapping one transoceanic region (of specific velocities) and that of capital and concepts mapping another. We will explore the transformation of entire cities, which have become waiting rooms for those who sometimes live for years in the anticipation of a journey to the metropolitan north, as well as the persistent displacement of this question in the name of a renewed ‘European’ cosmopolitanism.

Global Youth Summit: The Purpose of Higher Education in a Changing World – Youth in a Changing World


What are the biggest issues of the day and what is higher education’s role in addressing them? How will current global crises affect, and be affected by, education? We will seek to define higher education’s purpose at a time of global transition and identify what students themselves feel they need to learn right now.