How can a university learn from the world and contribute to the goal of a sound and prosperous global community?

As complex global issues challenge traditional structures of power, politics and culture around the world, academic approaches to thinking about the global must evolve as well. Research conducted by the faculty, post-doctoral research scholars, and visiting scholars is designed to bridge this gap, by prioritizing research partnerships across disciplines, by investigating emergent processes and phenomena, and by advancing the development of new modes of analysis and methodologies.

From international finance to memory politics, Signature Research Projects explore, investigate and create theoretical knowledge in an interdisciplinary framework that bears political, economic, social, or cultural relevance to acute global issues. Each is designed to engage partners from across the University, the Global Centers, and outside the community of academia. The research generates publications, books and working papers, and is also linked to the Global Thought Lecture Series and the Global Think-ins.

Current Signature Research Projects

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Research Archives

CGT BooksOver the years, the Committee on Global Thought has grown from a group of five scholars to a committee of over 30 faculty members from across Columbia University. These global scholars have distinguished themselves in the production of leading scholarship throughout the world. The CGT is pleased to offer this research which we have disseminated through working research papers, books, and other publications.


Our collection of books include multi-year series and contributor volumes. Many projects have evolved out of conference and lecture programming, with the goal of turning fruitful discussions into lasting contributions to the field. View our collection of books and other publications.

Papers and Research

Working papers feature new “in-progress” contributions from faculty, post-docs and other collaborators to encourage the exchange of ideas about “globality” and global thought. View our collection of working research papers.