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ENCLOSURE | States of Surveillance

This year, as the US surpasses half a million deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic and domestic fascists attempt a coup, the country will also mark the 20th anniversary of the US-led Global War on Terror. How did global and national politics coalesce into this present?

Technologies of Power: Tracing Empire at Home and Abroad explores how technologies of power and empire have shaped multiple terrains domestically and transnationally. The wars ‘over there’ have a lot to tell us about struggles ‘over here’— and vice versa. From imperial projects that devastated entire regions in South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa to the domestic expansion of explicit white supremacy, surveillance, and policing, US technologies of power have generated a multidirectional and dialectical relationship between foreign wars and domestic issues.

Technologies of Power will encourage intersectional conversations on race and empire that break the boundaries between ‘technology’ and ‘power,’ ‘domestic’ and ‘foreign,’ ‘home’ and ‘abroad.’


Part of the series “Technologies of Power: Tracing Empire at Home & Abroad”

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