Assistant Director of Academic Programs

Farryl Last is the Assistant Director of Academic Programs for the Committee on Global Thought. She manages critical aspects of CGT’s academic and student outreach programs, including the Masters in Global Thought program, Undergraduate Global Thought, and Global Thought Leaders program.

Last is an international educator and writer. Prior to joining the CGT, she worked at CUNY – Hunter College’s Office of Education Abroad, coordinating semester exchange programs while advising students on all aspects of their study abroad experience. She also taught at Hunter, including the undergraduate course “Arts through New York City,” which sought to introduce students to various art forms produced in and inspired by the city while fostering students’ own creative work. Her experience includes a school year as an English instructor in kindergartens in Mantova, Italy and work as the administrative coordinator for the World Cities World Class University (WC2) network. Last’s poetry explores impressions and (re)creations of the natural world, experienced both in person in situ as well as through myth and art, engaging with while disrupting expectations of narrative and ekphrasis. She holds an M.A. in International Education from New York University and an MFA in Poetry from Hunter College.


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