Theatrum Mundi

Theatrum Mundi, led by Saskia Sassen and Richard Sennett, involves cooperation between Columbia’s Committee on Global Thought, New York University’s Center for Public Knowledge and the London School of Economics. The organizing question is how urban design, artistic practice, and cultural interventions can constitute publicness and urban capabilities. It seeks to propose a new discipline for urbanism based in both the humanities and the social sciences, which can advance the making of cities, provide better public understanding of how people can contribute to this making in the places where they live, and, finally, more conceptually, to detect and discover urban capabilities.


Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation collaborates with this initiative to host the annual conference as a part of its programming.


Andrew A. Mellon Foundation

The Andrew A. Mellon Foundation has provided support for the work of Theatrum Mundi/Global Streets.

Audi Urban Future Initiative

The Audi Urban Future Initiative provides support for Urbanizing Technology: The Mobility Complex, a sub-project of this initiative led by Saskia Sassen. It explores the challenges of urbanizing technology and the implications of technological obsolescence for “intelligent” cities.

The Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation provided support for the 2013 symposium, Arts, Culture and Quality of Life in Global Cities.