Neil K. Aggarwal, Ravi DeSilva, Roberto Lewis-Fernández

Psychiatric Annals, March 9, 2018


The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition, (DSM-5) Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI) is a systematic, semi-structured interview developed to guide clinicians on conducting a cultural assessment in routine mental health settings. An international field trial with 318 patients, 75 clinicians, and 86 family members in 6 countries found the core version of the CFI to be feasible, acceptable, and clinically useful, and a growing evidence base has led to its inclusion in worldwide mental health services. We review the definition of culture that underlies the CFI, its development and components, and how to apply it in care. We also focus on barriers to its implementation and how these are being addressed by investigators and clinicians. The cultural formulation approach stemming from DSM-IV, of which the DSM-5 CFI is the latest iteration, constitutes the cultural competence paradigm with the largest evidence base in mental health service delivery.

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