CGT Member Rosalind Morris elected to the Policy and Planning Committee (PPC), representing the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

July 6, 2020

The Policy and Planning Committee (PPC) is the only body elected to represent the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to the Arts and Sciences and university leadership. The committee consists of nine tenured faculty, six elected from a nominated slate (two from each division) and three chosen by and from the Department Chairs (one from each division). Elected members serve for three years.

The PPC participates in the process by which planning priorities are set and resources are allocated among the departments and schools comprising the Arts and Sciences. In addition, the PPC’s responsibilities include working with the Executive Vice President of Arts and Sciences (EVPAS) and the Deans to constitute, dissolve, and appoint members of standing committees, to evaluate reports on the work of these committees, to call and set agendas for faculty meetings, and to report to the faculty. The PPC also names the majority of the members of the search committee for the EVPAS.

The PPC is both a sounding board for new ideas and a source of creative ways to respond to Arts and Sciences challenges. The committee meets regularly with the Executive Committee (EC) and the Planning and Budget Committee (P&B); it also holds discussions with the President and Provost to address faculty concerns and influence university governance. Working closely with the Arts and Sciences administration, the PPC develops initiatives to improve faculty teaching, research and life.

Information obtained from Columbia University Faculty of Arts and Sciences webpage.