M.A. in Global Thought Graduate Claudia Herbert Colfer (Class of 2019) recently launched Wasi – an iOS app that provides a platform for people to easily make a positive change in the world. Wasi allows its users to learn about the most pressing global problems and gives them recommendations on how to contribute to overcoming them. The best part is that most of Wasi’s recommendations can be done from home and many of them are not limited to traditional monetary donations.

In early 2020, Claudia conducted a study to understand how people were approaching philanthropy and sustainability in their day-to-day lives. She found that most individuals wanted to help and did so on occasion. However, the majority was not able to help on a regular basis due to lack of knowledge, time and/or monetary resources. Determined to solve this challenge, we came up with a solution: Wasi.

Since its launch, Wasi has helped hundreds of people in over 20 countries make a difference and create a more sustainable and better world for future generations. You can learn more about Wasi here and download the app here.