Fall Graduate Course: “Globalization and The Problems of World Order”

The Committee on Global Thought is pleased to announce the Fall 2019 Graduate Course taught by Kian Tajbakhsh: “Globalization and The Problems of World Order” (CGTH 6730).

Is globalization undermining world order? This course will examine some of the most vexing controversies over the definition of world order including alternative models from the Islamic and Chinese worlds, as well as the populist backlash to globalism. Using inter-disciplinary perspectives, we will explore how factors such as geo-politics, nationalism, cultures and civilizations, religions, and international organizations, are shaping possible futures scenarios for global governance. We will examine topics such as the Global Urban Agenda, the Middle East crisis, and the limits of democracy and human rights promotion in non-Western countries. Students will have opportunity to hone their writing and conceptual skills through short writing assignments engaging with the subject material.

The course is open to graduate students in School of the Arts, Engineering and Applied Science, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, Graduate School of Arts and Science, International and Public Affairs, Law School, and School of Professional Studies.