Rosalind C. Morris | The Berlin International Film Festival

CGT Member Rosalind C. Morris’ multi-media, multi-format installation, “The Zama Zama Project”, will have its international premiere at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival. The Berlinale Forum Expanded Festival will feature 18 films and eight installations with themes surrounding history and memory, rituals and myths, colonialism, and racism.

This year’s title “The Days Float Through My Eyes” is taken from the song “Changes” by David Bowie. Upon its release 50 years ago, it was referring to his image as a musician, which wasn’t changing at the same tempo as his shifting identity. Since last year, artists and filmmakers worldwide have been slowed down so much that their very existence is under threat in many cases. Even if the selection of the 16th Forum Expanded is also smaller than usual due to the pandemic, we would still like to declare our solidarity with them all.

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