Neither Fully Urban Nor Fully of the Biosphere

By Saskia Sassen – February 19, 2018


The rupture in the relation between cities and the biosphere is moving forward. Concrete measures have to be taken.

Manhattan drowns in masses of heavy rain, New Delhi is completely covered in Snow and Los Angeles is destroyed by massive tornadoes. The scenario in Roland Emmerichs’s dystopian blockbuster „The Day After Tomorrow” is nothing for light-hearted minds. Dramatic climate change threatens the future of human civilization, as meteorological catastrophes make earth an increasingly hostile place to live. In the end, a new ice age is upon the planet.

This scenario is a recurring theme in science fiction. However, it is not just present in movies, but also highly relevant in real life. Climate change has been proven time and time again, albeit many still doubt its existence. But what can be done today to fight this looming catastrophe for humankind?

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