This research initiative is the result of a cooperative Franco-American partnership.

Committee on Global Thought

How does a university create global citizens? The Committee on Global Thought (CGT) explores globalization from an innovative, interdisciplinary perspective, and aims to rethink what information Columbia University students need to confront the challenges stemming from globalization. CGT uses its research and programs to connect the social sciences with an increasingly global society through collaborative workshops, seminar courses and community events.


The National Center for Scientific Research (known by its French acronym CNRS) is a public organization under the responsibility of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.A pluridisciplinary institution, it covers all scientific disciplines, including the humanities and social sciences, biological sciences, nuclear and particle physics, information sciences, engineering and systems, physics, mathematical sciences, chemistry, earth sciences and astronomy, ecology and the environment. An interdisciplinary body, it promotes interaction between disciplines.


MATRICE–“Memory Analysis Tools for Research through International Cooperation and Experimentation”–is led by Denis Peschanski, Research Director at CNRS. With 24 partners, this project uses an interdisciplinary, international and trans-professional approach to better understand how memory works in the brain.

Columbia Global Policy Initiative

The Columbia Global Policy Initiative (CGPI), as conceived by President Lee C. Bollinger and led by founding director Professor Michael W. Doyle, brings together eminent Columbia faculty members from the widest range of relevant disciplines. These experts not only address global problems comprehensively, building on the relevant range of scholarly expertise, but also find effective ways of influencing global policy by engaging stakeholders and public policymakers. CGPI see this as a unique venture, combining the best of independent, objective academic research with the best policy analysis and all tied closely to the implementation of policy recommendations.

Mémorial de Caen

The Mémorial de Caen is a museum and war memorial in Caen, Normandy, France commemorating the Second World War and the Battle for Caen. The memorial today is one of the leading memorial centers in Europe. It is dedicated to the history of violence and intensive, outstanding conflict in the 20th Century and particularly World War II. The museum was officially opened on 6 June 1988 and is currently directed by Stephane Grimaldi.


ANR (French National Research Agency)

heSam (Le Pôle de recherche d’enseignement supérieur Hautes études – Sorbonne – Arts et Métiers)

INA (L’Institute national de l’Audiovisuel)

Alliance Program (Columbia University, École Polytechnique, Sciences Po, and Panthéon-Sorbonne University)

Institut Européen Emmanuel Levinas