Elizabeth Adeoye | Columbia College | Class of 2027

Hello, I’m Elizabeth Adeoye, a freshman at Columbia University with an intended major in Economics-Political Science and a concentration in Human Rights. Being of Nigerian-American descent, I bring a unique cultural perspective to my academic and extracurricular endeavors. I’m thrilled to be part of the team at the Fortune Society, where I’m actively engaged in addressing the complex issues within the criminal justice system and advocating for post-incarceration rehabilitation.

Aside from my academic commitments, I find joy and expression as a member of the Columbia Dance Team, combining my love for movement and creativity. My interests in politics, global affairs, and community engagement are deeply rooted in my desire to foster inclusive dialogue and uplift marginalized voices. I aspire to leverage my education and experiences to contribute meaningfully to positive societal change.

Christopher Diaz | Columbia College | Class of 2027

My name is Christopher Diaz. I am a freshman at Columbia University planning to major in Financial Economics. I am from Uniondale, NY in Long Island. Ever since I was little, I have always had a passion for helping out my community, which cultivated my interests in entrepreneurship and seeking to develop businesses that strive to give back to the communities that raised me to become the person I am today.

I enjoy listening to music and playing soccer with my friends, and I recently completed a marketing certificate through a Coursera/Google Course to develop the necessary skills to grow a business. I’m excited to participate in GTE as I come from a Guatemalan family that has experienced similar struggles to those of the people I’ll have the opportunity to work with. This will not only give me a chance to grow as an individual, but to better assist them in their concerns and help them feel like they are not alone in their experiences.

Salvatore Ferrera | Columbia College | Class of 2027

My name is Salvatore Ferrera and I am a freshman at Columbia College studying economics. I am most interested in behavioral economics and sustainability. In high school, I worked for a restorative justice program in Harlem, and found that I loved doing community-centered work. I have lived in New York my whole life, and have absolutely loved enjoying the benefits of the city’s global community. I took a gap year with the U.S. Department of State to study Mandarin in Taiwan, which further stressed the importance of developing global connections, and showed me just how vast our world really is.

Zarar Haider | Columbia College | Class of 2027

Hi! My name is Zarar Haider and I’m a freshman at CC. I’m thinking of majoring in Computer Science and Creative Writing. I was born in St. Louis but lived abroad in London, Tokyo, Dubai, and Singapore before moving to NYC seven years ago. In high school I was the president of the Men of Color affinity group which led me to taking a class on Mass Incarceration, sparking my interest in the issue and moving me to getting more involved in addressing it. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends, writing, playing the guitar, and reading.

Yuxin Huang | Columbia College | Class of 2027

Hi! My name is Yuxin Huang, but I also go by the name Penny. I am currently a first-year international student at Columbia College, and I intend to major in Anthropology and concentrate on Education. I’m especially interested in studying people who are often marginalized or misrepresented in public discussions. I’m also intrigued by the philosophy of Action Anthropology, which pursues decolonized research that thoughtfully represents and empowers people.

My academic interests, coupled with my aspiration to work in non-profit organizations, have motivated me to join the GTE Program. The program provides me with the opportunity to work with Fortune Society, connecting me to the broader community outside of Columbia. In my role as an intern, I will be assisting Food Distribution, Volunteer Services, and Research programs. I’m looking forward to conversing with people from diverse backgrounds, acquiring skills relevant to non-profit work, and extending my learning in social sciences beyond the classroom.