2020-2021 GTE Participants

Peter Chen

Organization: African Services Committee

“Our politics, actions, and inaction, have consequences on people everywhere in a ripple effect that is easy to forget if we close our eyes.”



Sofia Downing

Organization: Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson

“As a volunteer for Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson, I advanced their goal of passing critical laws to help working New Yorkers, such as Healthcare for All, Affordable Housing for All and Unemployment Benefits for everyone unemployed.”


Cameron Nelson

Organization: African Services Committee

“I think that the program offered a fantastic opportunity for students to work closely with impactful organizations in their community and gain hands-on experience in volunteer work.”



Claire Schweitzer

Organization: African Services Committee

“Through emphasizing the service aspect of service learning, GTE showed me how I can improve my relationships with others and myself, all through an internship experience.”



2018-2019 GTE Participants

Darwin Arias

Organization: Operation Exodus

“The Global Thought Experience [program] allowed me to indulge in conversations about the immigrant experience in the United States alongside my peers interning at other organizations across New York City. Through my experiences tutoring first-generation youth in Washington Heights, I found ways in which I could aid the struggle of children from families with low-income immigrant backgrounds navigate the American education system.”

Hana Mangat

Organization: Operation Exodus

“GTE was the perfect way for me to be engaged with local communities off campus. I learned that to be a global citizen, and moreover an ally, means to listen to the concerns of community members and take advantage of whatever resources you have available to you to help them. The connections I made at GTE and the lessons I learned were invaluable and an integral part of my first year at Columbia.”

Stephanie Nino de Rivera

Organization: Kids in Need of Defense

“As a GTE participant, I had the amazing opportunity to assist Kids in Need of Defense as a Non-Legal Intern. Having this internship as a first-year student granted me the opportunity to explore a career field of interest early on. My GTE experience helped me gain a better grasp of the challenges immigrant communities face, and it has equipped me to become a better advocate for immigrants. I am extremely thankful for the valuable learning opportunities GTE offered and highly recommend the program to everyone!”

2017-2018 GTE Participants

Jessica Bennett

Organization: Immigration Equality

“One of the unique things about GTE is that it has experiential learning at its core. Participating in the program for two semesters granted me an educationally enriching opportunity to apply my immigration studies to explore the challenges confronting a non-profit immigration organization in New York City. My time at Immigration Equality has been integral to learning about the effects of changing US asylum policy on vulnerable people.”

Alida Pitcher-Murray

Organization: Immigration Equality

“Through GTE I had the opportunity to work with Immigration Equality, a nonprofit legal aid organization that helps members of the LGBTQ community seek asylum in the United States. Not only was I exposed to the ways in which the law can aid those who are fleeing persecution abroad, but I was also able to contribute to specific cases by researching country conditions. I am so grateful to the Immigration Equality team and the immigrants they serve for this incredible experience.”

Spring 2017 GTE Participant

Hung Le Quoc Nguyen

Organization: Immigration Equality

“Not only was I given a chance to bring my classroom knowledge to work with professionals on global issues, the program has also tremendously informed my future research by exposing me to real-life experience and practice.”