The David Bartsch and Joan Haffenreffer Bartsch Global Fellow



Yasmine Rejeb is the CGT’s inaugural David Bartsch and Joan Haffenreffer Bartsch Global Fellow. She is a first-year political science student at the European University of Tunis, focusing on Law, Political Sociology and History. She was selected as a part of a working group that planned and hosted the CGT’s Global Youth Summit and is currently a member of the core analysis team for the Youth in a Changing World project.

Passionate about promoting positive change and fighting inequalities, she is an active member of OneShared.World, a global non-profit.  As a co-leader of their events team, Yasmine helps organize various events, including most recently the Vaccine Equity Event during which she interviewed the WHO director general.

The David Bartsch and Joan Haffenreffer Bartsch Fellows to the UCGT

Each year, UCGT Fellows work alongside the faculty and staff of the CGT to lead and help cultivate the Undergraduate Committee, and to plan events and initiatives specifically for undergraduates, such as workshops related to the World Leaders Forums, “Talks With Professors,” “Global Thought Labs,” and so on.  Fellows also contribute to the expansion of the undergraduate Global Thought curriculum.



Olivia Sieler is a third-year student at Columbia College studying History and Theater with an intention of attending law school. As the former Vice-Chair of the UCGT, she helped to launch the inaugural conference on the Urgency of Global Ethics where she organized and led a workshop on Seeking Asylum. Outside of the UCGT, she is especially passionate about disability and medical law and policy, and with the Columbia Undergraduate Law Review, she has written and edited articles on these issues. In addition, she serves on the university-wide Disability Action Group, which works toward dismantling ableism on campus. She can also be found touring prospective students and families as part of the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee and supporting new students in their transition to Columbia as an orientation leader. Outside of Columbia, she serves as team leader of the Clinical Care and Education Team on the Neuroscience Family Advisory Council at Boston Children’s Hospital where she is working to pass a policy initiative to assist children with brain injuries in their reintegration into school. She is also working to design and record an educational webinar series to prepare patients and families for care at the hospital. In her free time, Olivia can be found performing musical theater, attending Broadway shows, and sampling bakeries around New York City.


Gwendolyn Davison is a junior in Columbia College majoring in history. She is interested in learning about underrepresented historical narratives and enjoys studying Mediterranean and East Asian history. Currently, she is the Head of Events for the Columbia Journal of History (CJH) and works for the CJH as an editor. She also edits for the Columbia Journal of Asia. In her free time, she enjoys writing poetry, doing yoga, and learning how to make new desserts.

Past UCGT Fellows