Bernard E. Harcourt | Columbia College | May 12, 2021

The Academic Awards Committee of Columbia College recently awarded Bernard E. Harcourt, the Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law and a professor of political science, and Denise Cruz, an associate professor of English and comparative literature, the 46th annual Lionel Trilling Book Award and the 60th annual Mark Van Doren Award for Teaching, respectively.

Harcourt is honored for his book Critique & Praxis: A Critical Philosophy of Illusions, Values, and Action, which charts a vision for political action and social transformation, and Cruz for her “innovative, meaningful, and, most importantly, human” adaptation to teaching during the pandemic.

The Lionel Trilling Book Award, established in 1976 in honor of Lionel Trilling CC 1925, GSAS’38, is awarded annually to a member of the faculty whose book was published in the previous year and upholds a level of excellence commensurate with Trilling’s legacy. Trilling, a gifted and dedicated Columbia professor committed to undergraduate education, was also a public intellectual known for his scholarship and literary criticism.

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