Qin Gao | NOVEMBER 16, 2020 | Columbia School of Social Work

Qin Gao, a professor of social policy and social work at our School and the founding director of the China Center for Social Policy, has been appointed to Columbia University’s Committee on Global Thought (CGT). In so doing, she has become the first faculty member of the School of Social Work to serve on this high-level committee, which was established in 2006 by Columbia University President Lee Bollinger with the mission of encouraging transnational, interdisciplinary research on globalization.

Currently chaired by senior research scholar Vishakha Desai, CGT consists of over thirty distinguished faculty members from across the University: from the Arts and Sciences, the Schools of Law, Business, Journalism, Architecture and Planning, the Mailman School of Public Health, the School of the Arts, the School of International and Public Affairs—and now the School of Social Work.

To understand the changing conditions of the contemporary world, CGT members strive to come up with new concepts and strategies for understanding rapidly evolving global phenomena. They view these events not only through a transnational lens but one that demands thinking across the established academic disciplines—since issues such as global governance, varieties of democracy, economic inequality, new technologies, and diversity of cultures and religions often fall between or across conventional disciplinary borders.


Full article by the Columbia School of Social Work here.