What is the MA in Global Thought?

The MA in Global Thought is an interdisciplinary, research-based course of study designed to understand and address the challenges and opportunities arising in our world today. This innovative MA is offered by the Committee on Global Thought (CGT), whose more than thirty faculty members include some of Columbia’s most renowned scholars from departments and schools across the university. Its one-year program enables students to explore global connections and commonalities in contemporary politics, economics, society, and culture, tailoring their curriculum to their intellectual and professional interests.

Three required interdisciplinary core courses provide a foundational knowledge of global linkages in the areas of governance, political economy, and culture and ideas. In addition is a two-semester seminar where students become familiar with diverse research methodologies, conduct original research, and write their Master’s essays. Students choose the balance of their courses from elective options throughout the university, advised by the MA Director of Studies and CGT faculty.

In the core courses and MA seminar, students work with some of the university’s most renowned scholars, including CGT members and other Columbia faculty. Instructors in 2017-18 include Neil Aggarwal, Manan Ahmed, Patricia Culligan, Peter DeMenocal, Vishakha N. Desai, Yasmine Ergas, Carol Gluck, Brian Larkin, David K. Park, Saskia Sassen, Joseph Stiglitz, Kian Tajbakhsh, and Andreas Wimmer. Click here to learn more about CGT faculty.

Global Columbia

ma-cgt-faculty-meet-and-greetLocated in a diverse and globally connected world city, Columbia is a leader in the pressing task of creating a global university for the twenty-first century. The Committee on Global Thought, established by Columbia President Lee C. Bollinger in 2006, brings together scholars to seek new analytic categories and concepts to comprehend the changing and increasingly globalized world. Students benefit from Columbia’s resources in the academic and professional schools, expansive library collections, a full calendar of campus events, and opportunities in New York City. Through programs such as Global Opportunities (GO!), Global Thought students are able to further their research at one of Columbia’s nine Global Centers located around the world.

Global Thought Grads — Where are they now?

MA in Global Thought students pursue careers in non-governmental organizations, foreign offices, international financial institutions, government, academia, research, press and media outlets, and the private sector. The combination of deep research focus and broad intellectual inquiry prepares them well for employment as well as for further study in professional schools or Ph.D. programs.

Where Global Thought Graduates Go On To Work & Study