Undergraduate Courses in Global Thought

The Fall 2018 interdisciplinary Global Core eligible course, “Inquiries into an Interconnected World” (CGT UN3401), explores the complexities, opportunities, and challenges of living in an interconnected world. It examines how flows of people, things and ideas across national borders both connect our world and create uneven consequences within and among communities. Through close analysis of primary materials, including literature, maps, art, memoirs, and oral histories, it considers how people around the world have developed a “global imaginary” and expressed the experience of living in an interconnected world. Co-curricular learning experiences in global New York connect the classroom with the city.



The Spring 2018 course, “Global 20: Youth in an Interconnected World” asked what it mean to be 20 years old as the world confronts seismic shifts in the geopolitical order, in the nature and future of work, and in the ways we connect with each other, express identity, engage politically, and create communities of belonging.