New Undergraduate Courses in Global Thought

The first undergraduate seminar in Global Thought, “Inquiries into an Interconnected World” (CGTH UN3401), will be offered in Fall 2017.

The course will consider the ways we think about, debate, and give meaning to the interconnected world in which we live. It will examine how flows of people, things and ideas across national borders both connect our world and create uneven consequences within and among communities. Co-curricular learning experiences in global New York will connect the classroom with the city.

The Spring 2018 course, “Global 20: The Meanings of Youth in an Interconnected World” will examine challenges and opportunities facing young people around the world within the global dynamics of an “old” North and a “young” South. It will examine the future of work and the challenges of youth unemployment, as well as how technologies are rewiring youth identities around the world.

These courses are open to all Columbia and Barnard undergraduates.