M.A. Student – Class of 2022

Citizenship: Bulgaria and United Kingdom


I’m half Bulgarian-half Indian, and I live in London. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, including a year at the University of Toronto, during which I pursued courses focusing on foreign policy, global security, international relations broadly, and economics. My undergraduate thesis explored the paradoxical ‘double game’ in which some nuclear-weapon states continue to modernise their arsenals whilst staunchly upholding human rights, while others experience a worsening of their human rights situation due to the acquisition of such weapons and the consequences of regional destabilisation and insecurity. 

I have previously interned with organisations focusing on nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament, and feminist foreign policy, and gender equality. I intend to develop my knowledge on these topics, gender-based violence, human rights, and human security during my time at Columbia. Upon completing the M.A. in Global Thought at Columbia, I wish to work in the field of (human) security as an analyst or diplomat.