M.A. Student – Class of 2022

Citizenship: Italy


The place I call home is Occimiano, a little village with 1300 people in the middle of the beautiful hills of Monferrato, a UNESCO heritage site. This is where my family, friends, community, and roots are. I studied Philosophy as an undergrad in Turin and went to Madrid on an Erasmus project in the second year, which did not quench my thirst for knowledge, adventure, and travels but only increased it. After graduation, I moved to Edinburgh for an MS in International Development and now I’m at Columbia University for an M.A. in Global Thought. I plan on making the most of this experience and learn as much as I can about everything I can: the more I see the less I know. For my future, I hope the experiences I have will help me find a job that fulfills me, hopefully, a job that makes a difference for someone, and also helps me find another home, a space for me in this world where I can say “This must be the place”.