Citizenship: United States

Born in California, splitting my time between the Silicon Valley and Doha, using one geographic location for home feels foreign. The trail of home travels like a thread through a needle from the Golden Gate Bridge to the beautiful shining Corniche in Doha, culminating in a cup of warm tea on a winter morning in Lahore where my extended family is from. I find home intertwined in the words exchanged after meetings and on long drives with loved ones. During my time at Columbia, I plan to build on my existing experience in the health communications space, specifically for women’s health. My research is focused on utilizing technology to empower women at all stages of their life to make informed decisions about their health. Women are the powerhouse of society. I’m ready to make each woman feel she is in charge of her life. My career aspiration is to utilize my marketing skills to create a space that offers women the chance to better their health across all businesses and corners of the world.