Citizenship: Italy

While Naples and Milan shaped my individuality, Solzago’s countryside and the island of Panarea constitute my evergreen nests; at this time, I am looking forward to discovering what New York City will represent within my life path. Thanks to my lyceum in Classics and my B.A. in Literature and Philosophy, I possess a solid background and continuing interest in ancient and contemporary human thought. After my undergraduate thesis on the economical, conflictual, and environmental juxtapositions between the New Imperialism and the current human space expansion, I wrote a first level Master’s thesis on space applications and their impacts on human life on Earth. The research track I intend to pursue during the Global Thought M.A. will be addressed towards the questions that the restricted access to space poses to the ethics of space policy and beyond. I am working on positioning myself in the middle of research and policy related to the space field.