Citizenship: Germany

Although I was raised in Germany, I have made temporary places my home—all of which have contributed toward my determination to be a global citizen. My ever-increasing passion for international affairs is reflected by my decision to study Governance and (Development) Economics in the Netherlands and New York. I hold an Hons BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences from University College Maastricht, whose interdisciplinary philosophy I have truly enjoyed the most. Think outside the box! Acknowledge the great diversity of thought and culture in order to understand the bigger picture of the globalized world we live in. All this has driven me to become part of this program. I am excited to challenge my perspective within the Global Thought community, where I hope to reach my academic goals in understanding the tensions between monetary governance and socioeconomic inequalities in emerging economies. I look forward to bridging disciplines in monetary policy, energy finance, and private sector development that will guide me toward international career pathways in policy analysis and research.