Citizenship: United States

I was born in Georgia, raised in Maryland, and grew up in New York; I have experienced life mainly on the US East Coast. In 2023, I graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, majoring in Communications and double minoring in Political Science and Management. During my undergraduate study, I became interested in global affairs and policy. Numerous readings during my undergraduate studies piqued my intellectual curiosity because they highlighted how the damaging ripple effects of nefarious enterprises are not always apparent at the forefront. I plan to expand on those interests through the Global Thought program’s interdisciplinary approach to learning. My research interests center around imbalanced power structures, criminal activity, violence, and political development. I want to use my Global Thought degree to be influential in determining a solution to mitigate the consequences of transnational crimes through working in the foreign affairs sector before continuing my research through a PhD.