Citizenship: United States and Ecuador

I grew up in and around New York City—the smell of freshly baked Portuguese rolls, pasteis de nata, and cod fish, and the sound of train screeching, honking, and pigeons remind me of home. Going to Rutgers-New Brunswick was a new experience for both appreciating what New Jersey had to offer as well as guiding me to find the major that best suited my interests. Majoring in Geography, I was able to combine the study of Earth science, geopolitics, history, and socioeconomics to learn what mechanisms affected the physical and cultural landscape of the planet. I plan to research how natural events that can be hazards to human life affect living conditions in societies with unequal access to resources and differing capacities to cope. My excitement to join Global Thought further stems from my aspiration to find solutions to issues that affect humanity at a global scale. Joining an organization that helps in worldwide humanitarian or diplomatic issues is my personal goal.