Citizenship: Italy

I hail from a small town nestled in the province of Milan, Italy. My unyielding passion for exploration has led me on numerous journeys, but I’ve come to realize that home isn’t just a place—it’s a feeling. The past years introduced me to remarkable individuals who have not only made me feel at home but also redefined my very concept of belonging. My educational foundation spans modern languages and media studies, advertising, and marketing. Captivated by cross-cultural dynamics and global market strategies, my intrigue extends to the MA in Global Thought. Here, I aspire to scrutinize how market policies shape the evolving global identity, blending my affinities for cross-cultural studies, global politics, international economics, and the sociology of dialogue. As I forge ahead, I aspire to contribute to esteemed intergovernmental bodies like the UN and apply my research on the cultural and political influences on market strategies at both macro and micro consumption levels within global marketing agencies.