Citizenship: United States and Nigeria

My academic interests are varied. As an undergraduate at the University of New Mexico, I found myself settled in International Studies, but I also dabbled in Health Studies, Computer Science, Anthropology, and Business Management. I fell in love with learning new languages, trying new foods, experiencing different cultures, and taking part in discourse of all things ranging from social customs to governance institutions to peace processes. In my year at Columbia, my goal is to connect with and learn from anyone who will share their story with me. I am particularly looking forward to developing an understanding of the individual’s role in an increasingly globalized society. I wish to build myself, not just in academia and my career, but as a whole person who can then go out and engage the world in meaningful person-to-person change. As I see it now, my current path forward following my Global Thought studies is to join the U.S. Department of State, spreading diplomacy as a Foreign Service Officer. But, nothing is set in stone.