Mancini Udoji

Investment Analyst at a Private Investment Firm

Why did you choose the MA in Global Thought and how did it prepare you for your current position?

I chose the Master’s in Global Thought because it allowed me to further my intellectual curiosity by taking a step back, perspective-wise, from my previous role as an investment analyst at a global firm. This shapes my work and educational experience to benefit from holistic and intensive interdisciplinary research—which is what I enjoy most. Through this program I was able to pursue my interests not only in global capital markets, but also in international development, global culture, international relations, global governance and economic planning. The MA in Global Thought has allowed me to apply a more multifaceted analysis when I make investment decisions in my current position.

Describe a favorite MA in Global Thought course or project and how it helped your academic, professional, and/or personal growth.

My favorite project in the MA in Global Thought was research on my Master’s Thesis, which concentrated on how global capital markets can accelerate development in emerging countries. In particular, I chose Nigeria as my country of focus. My research allowed me to converge upon on a current and relevant issue, economic development in an emerging country, by utilizing my MA in Global Thought coursework in addition to my analytical work experience as an investment analyst.

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Mancini Udoji, Class of 2017